By Boris out of Neptune by Gornhonik

Phoebe is a 4 year old Orlov-Rostopchin mare that stands a bit  over 16hh.  She has had 4 months of professional training and was given a strong foundation by Sheena Wenzel and has continued her education with Silvia Geyer at the helm.  In addition to her daily training sessions she has been extensively hacked through wooded trails, open fields etc.  Phoebe possesses some of the smoothest gaits you will ever have the pleasure of riding.  She is a ready, able and willing partner and could easily show a training level test tomorrow.  She has been through the free jump chute a few times and absolutely loved it.  She jumps brave, is light on her feet and displays an extremely cute hunter form. This lovely young mare could be developed into any discipline!  $12,000.00

Phoebe - Riding
Phoebe - Jumping