This page will share horses for sale, stallions at stud, and other items of Association interest.


Firstly, HOORAY for Christy Rettger Waters, owner of Sofiya of Solstice (a 2014 Gorhonik baby), for setting up our logo on apparel and gifts for sale on CafePress!!!
Visit < CafePress > and search “orlovrostopchin” to view merchandise available for sale with our logo!


Tamara Hellenbrand is graciously handling orders for black and white, round decals with our logo! They measure just under 5″ in diameter. They make a good conversation piece! Advertise your treasured O-R!

The cost is only $6 each plus $1 each for postage. Send Tamara an email at [email protected] and she will send you a PayPal bill where you can pay securely.  Thank you Tamara!

Standing at Stud

  • Gorhonik, Kettle Moraine Equine Hospital, click here <KMEH >
  • Idol, located in Idaho with Matt Brasher
  • Frozen semen available from Izar (contact Matt Brasher)
  • Frozen semen available from Buntchuk (contact Barbara Weber, MD)

Orlov-Rostopchin Stud Colt for Sale

Click here < Aluska for sale >

Solstice Farms Horses for Sale

Breeding Orlov-Rostopchins for over 20 years! Foals and weanlings live on Kettle Moraine pasture with their dams, geldings, and peers. They are handled, vaccinated, dewormed, and hooves trimmed. Prices range $2,500 to $7,500.

Contact Barbara Weber, MD, 920-447-4177, [email protected], Random Lake, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, and see more photos at and

Call to come visit and be charmed by BORIS, HIS FOALS, THEIR DAMS AND ALL THE HORSES ! ! !

2017 foals sire x dam or breed and comments Height Color Gender DOB yyyy-mm-dd
Bazil of Solstice


(Boris, Orlov-Rostopchin x Just Like Boo, OTTB) $6,000   bay gelding 2017-05-06
Willow of Solstice (Boris, Orlov-Rostopchin x White Rapids, OTTB) $6,000   grey filly 2017-05-13
Juniper of Solstice (Boris, Orlov-Rostopchin x Juneybird, OTTB) $6,000   bay filly 2017-05-15
Fifty Shades Lighter


(Ehrentanz, Trak x Kismet Shaklonna, Arab) Registration pending with ATA and AHA $7,000   grey colt-intact 2017-05-17
unnamed (Boris, Orlov-Rostopchin x Quiet Tiara, OTTB) $4,500   black filly 2017-06-07
Heart and Soul of Solstice (HC Obsidian Silk, Arab x Havana Rose, Trak) $6,000   bay gelding 2017-06-26


(HC Obsidian Silk, Arab x Miss Warbird, OTTB) $3,500   bay gelding 2017-07-04
unnamed (Boris, Orlov-Rostopchin x Kismet Sky-Anne, Arab) $8,000   black colt-intact 2017-07-10
Glamour of Solstice (HC Obsidian Silk, Arab x Glitters Gone Wild, OTTB) $4,000   bay filly 2017-10-12
Reason of Solstice (Boris, Orlov-Rostopchin x Rainbow Springs, OTTB) $2,500   bay colt 2017 October
Isanibel of Solstice (Alastair, Trak x Isabel ISF, KWPN, UB40) $10,000   black filly 2017-04-16
Sage of Solstice (HC Obsidian Silk, Arab x Center Stage, Hackney/TB) $2,500   black gelding 2017-05-04
Obelix of Solstice (Alastair, Trak x Oneida, OR) $10,000   black filly 1905-07-09
2016 foals          
Karizma of Solstice (Ehrentanz, Trak x Kylie, Trak/Arab); registration with ATA, $12,000   black filly 2016-05-03
Hepatica of Solstice (Ehrentanz, Trak x Havana Rose, Trak); Registration with ATA $10,000   black filly 2016-04-08
Galaxy of Solstice (Gorhonik, Orlov-Rostopchin x Kismet Sky-Anne, Arab) $6,000   black gelding  
Glitters Gone Wild

OTTB – nice movement – dressage,$6500; protective mother to Glamour of Solstice 16.3hh bay mare 2010
Miss Minto OTTB – $8,000; started over jumps, in foal to Ehrentanz KD for 2019 foal 16.1hh bay mare 2010
Riveressed OTTB – , SOLD 15.3hh black mare 2010
Craigie Hill SOLD- OTTB, hunter type 16.3hh bay mare 2012
Merway OTTB -SOLD 16.3hh bay mare 2009
Yampa River OTTB-SOLD, training level walk trot canter. Very reliable and safe, dam of Yarrow of Solstice 15.3hh black bay mare 2009
Just Like Boo OTTB safe for anyone to ride, dam of Bazil of Solstice; SOLD 16.2hh bay mare 2009
Juneybird OTTB- SOLD, needs shoes in front if ridden much, green but sweet 15.3hh chestnut mare 2007
Elmira *M* broodmare; High point mare award, imported from Germany, in foal to Ehrentanz KD, registered with ATA, broodmare, $8000   bay mare 2004
Cassondra KD by Ehrentanz, in training at KD; registered with ATA, contact Silvia Geyer at KD Sporthorses for price and info   bay mare 2014
Stormn Sarah by Ehrentanz, in training at KD; registered with ATA, contact Silvia Geyer for info   bay mare 2014
Pegasus of Solstice Barbara bred; training level, (Pajou x Dancing in the Sun); registered with ATA, $5,000 16.2hh black mare 2002
Kylie of Solstice  by Happy Hour; dam of Karizma; registration pending with ATA, bred to Ehrentanz, training level   black mare 2002-04-24
unnamed (Magritte x Kismet Ky-Anne) $4,000   grey mare 2002
Teance Registered Oldenburg GOV, in training at Solstice, $30,000   black mare 2012
Oneida Registered Oldenburg GOV; dam of Obelix of Solstice, in training at Solstice, $25,000   black mare 2013
Monet Oldenburg; had 2018 buckskin colt by Gorhonik, in foal to Ehrentanz 2019 16.3hh chestnut mare  
Center Stage Hackney/TB, (Stagefright x Seattle Slew granddaughter) dressage, jumping, cross country, competed; no “pony” attitude; $7,500 14hh black sabino mare 2011
Jet-A KWPN, trained at KD Sporthorses with Silvia Geyer, dressage and jumping, $25,000   black mare 2014
Artemis Ariadus x Shot Blaster; Oldenburg ISR


training level, broodmare, $3,000

  bay mare 2001
Valencia of Solstice (Izbrannik x JP Eagles Lencia, Arab)


training level, wonderful dressage prospect, $2,500

  bay mare 2004?
Kaia of Solstice (Alp x Kismet Sky-Anne); had bay filly by Ehrentanz 2018, started under saddle, $6,000   black mare 2006-06-26
Xolani of Solstice (Boris x OR); training level, $4,500   black mare 2007-02-16
Khida (Izar x Khovia) started under saddle, $10,000 price to increase with training   bay mare 2014
Piper (Izar x Pegasus) started under saddle, $20,000, price to increase with training   black mare 2014
Ariel (Abrikos x Arlene) $6,000   black mare 2015
Rosa (Abrikos x Ritzke mare) $10,000   black mare 2015
Safire of Solstice


((Ifferox x Destiny, (Gorhonik x Kismet Love Afire)) training level, SOLD   bay mare 2014
Bree/Naphthalene (Ifferox x Benzene) $6,000 price to increase with training   black mare 2014
Apollo Gorhonik x Heidi started under saddle, $5,000, price to increase with training   buckskin gelding 2014
Marquessa of Solstice SOLD-Forever Endeavor (Sky-Anne, Iskusnik) x Contessa   bay mare 2011
Yarrow of Solstice

SOLD-(Boris, Orlov-Rostopchin x Yampa River, OTTB) $4,500   bay filly 2017-06-06
Amadeus SOLD-Boris x Jimmie’s Last Dance, jumps courses, trained at KD Sporthorses with Silvia Geyer, priced to sell, $8,000, HUGE bargain, super sweet and gentle   chestnut gelding 2014
Rosalita KD SOLD-Trakehner – highest score at her inspection, KD trained by Silvia Geyer, $20,000   bay mare 2012